That’s So Gay: On The Edge

This spring, I am curating That’s So Gay: On the Edge at the Gladstone Hotel!

That’s So Gay launched 5 years ago as a flirty protest, re-claiming an insult in the face of homophobia. 5 years later, it is essential that we move the conversation of what it means to be LGBTTI2QQ artists beyond its most narrow understanding. Launched on the eve of World Pride 2014, this exhibition necessarily responds to the construction of a simplified “LGBT” community in Toronto, and opens up a space for a broader discussion.

That’s So Gay: On the Edge is a celebration of new projects created by LGBTTI2QQ artists about their experiences intersectionality. The show interrupts the idea of a singular queer community, and highlights the many ways that disability, gender, racialization, Indigeneity, class, immigration status and forms of marginalization interact with and impact on our experiences
of gender and sexuality. The exhibition firmly plants disability arts, critical race theory and anti-colonialism as central to our consideration of queer and trans culture.

Through photography, video, performance, installation projects and large-scale works on paper these 12 artists have playfully and cleverly reshaped the oversimplified dialogue and suggested
that we are edging closer to a new set of possibilities. Together, these ‘artists at the intersections’ beg the question, ‘What is the meaning of having a ‘queer & trans art show’ in 2014?’.

Participating Artists: Jo SiMalaya Alcampo, Daryl James Bucar, Graham Kennedy, Anna Jane McIntyre, Hazel Meyer, Abdi Osman, Alvis Parsley, Elizabeth Sweeney, Rebeka Tabobondung, Mary Tremonte, Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha, Shimby Zegeye



Canadian Art


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