Doing Horizontal Work in Vertical Structures

What a thrill to get to talk about making change, big and small!

Han­nah Jick­ling and Helen Reed in con­ver­sa­tion with Loree Lawrence, Syrus Mar­cus Ware, and Pamila Matharu.

This discussion was part of Han­nah Jick­ling and Helen Reed’s ongoing engagement with The Ped­a­gog­i­cal Impulse.

The Ped­a­gog­i­cal Impulse is a research-creation project at the inter­sec­tions between social prac­tice, knowl­edge pro­duc­tion, ped­a­gogy, and “school.”

So thankful to Hannah, Helen, Loree, Pamila!

Thanks also to Stephanie Springgay, Depart­ment of Cur­ricu­lum, Teach­ing and Learn­ing, Ontario Insti­tute for Stud­ies in Edu­ca­tion!


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