Syrus Marcus Ware is an identical twin who is interested in the use of art as a (powerful) tool of resistance and change. He is the Program Coordinator for Youth Programs at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

For the past 8 years, Syrus has worked with Blackness Yes! to produce Blockorama (the black queer and trans stage at Toronto’s Pride Festival), and other related events throughout the year.

Syrus is also a founding member of the Prison Justice Action Committee of Toronto. Syrus is a program committee member for Mayworks Festival, and is a past board member of the FUSE magazine. Syrus is also a member of the GBQTransmen’s HIV Prevention Working Group, the Trans Fathers 2B Working group, and the Prisoners’ Justice Action Committee.

For the past 13 years, Syrus has hosted the weekly radio segment, “Resistance on the Sound Dial” heard each Saturday on CIUT 89.5FM.


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  1. Hi Syrus. It’s Gary Varro from Queer City Cinema. I hope this finds you well. I would like to email you a request for a grant application. Can you send me your email please? Thanks!

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